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Why Worship Jesus Jon Denham 7/14/2019
Memorial Day 2019 Jon Denham 5/26/2019
Rediscovering the Sabbath Jon Denham 5/19/2019
The Path to Agape Jon Denham 5/12/2019
Fear Tim Swanson 4/28/2019
Be Joyful! It Beats Being Happy Jon Denham 4/7/2019
To Cambridge and Beyond! Kelli Nelson 3/31/2019
Real Love Costs (John 25:1-22) Jon Denham 3/24/2019
How Bethlehem Missed Christmas Jon Denham 12/16/2018
The King Who Missed Christmas Jon Denham 12/9/2018
The Gospel According to Isaiah Jon Denham 12/2/2018
Thanksgiving 2018 Jon Denham 11/18/2018
The Wrath of God Revealed Don Jewett 10/28/2018
God's Hands and Feet Bruce Ingram / Jon Denham 9/16/2018
Do You Love Me? Jon Denham 9/2/2018
I Can Do All Things Through Christ Ed Skipper 8/19/2018
The Woman At the Well Aaron Savage 7/15/2018
The Father Is Pleased With The Son Don Jewett 7/8/2018
Father's Day 2018 (Genesis 48) Jon Denham 6/17/2018
Superbowl Sunday: Focus On the Lord Jon Denham 2/4/2018
What Will You Be Doing When He Comes? Don Jewett 1/7/2018
Lessons From Simeon Jon Denham 12/24/2017
Lessons From Joseph and Mary's Guests Jon Denham 12/10/2017
Lessons From Mary Jon Denham 12/3/2017
Are You Ready For Christmas? Jon Denham 11/26/2017
Human Design and Human Destiny Don Jewett 10/22/2017
The Lord's Prayer - Matthew 6 Ed Skipper 8/20/2017
1 Kings 17 - Elijah and the Lord's Favor Jon Denham 5/14/2017
Easter Sunday Jon Denham 4/16/2017
Palm Sunday - Luke 19 Jon Denham 4/9/2017
His Story is Our Story Jon & Diana Denham 1/22/2017
It's All About Relationships Jon Denham 1/15/2017
New Years - Acts 12:1-17 Jon Denham 1/1/2017
Christmas - Joy Kelly Graham 12/11/2016
Memorial Day Jon Denham 5/29/2016
Palm Sunday Jon Denham 3/20/2016
John 5 - Do You Want to Get Well? Kelly Graham 3/13/2016
John 3 - You Must Be Born Again Kelly Graham 3/6/2016
Valentine's Day Jon Denham 2/14/2016
Hebrews 11 Kelly Graham 11/22/2015
Mark 4 - The Soils Ed Skipper 8/9/2015
The Holy Spirit Jon Denham 7/26/2015
Sexual Immorality Kelly Graham 7/12/2015
By His Wounds We Are Healed - Easter Kelly Graham 4/5/2015
People vs Rocks - The Triumphal Entry Kelly Graham 3/29/2015
2014: Year In Review Kelly Graham 1/25/2015
The Nativity Jon Denham 12/14/2014
Joseph Jon Denham 11/30/2014

Special Messages

On occasion we take some time out from our regular study and present them here.

Special Messages